The coat of the arms of Zalaszentgrót

The coat of the arms is a shield framed with a golden wave line and with a pointed bottom. There is an arm in armour holding a floating short silver sword in the red part under which a green bay branch is situated. The arm in armour holding a short silver sword symbolises the boarder castle battles, and the bay branch stands for the heroism of the fights. The leaders of the town gave this definition of the coat of the arms of the town in December 1991. It has been valid ever since and can be discovered in the market town history of Zalaszentgrót. The question of a shield came up in connection with the town rank that was lost and given back in 1984. The leaders of the town made some changes on the shield that is divided into two parts by a wave symbolisig the River Zala: in the upper part the former castle can be seen on a blue background and beside the castle as a result of the era a red star as well. In the lower part of the shield the arm in armour that has already been mentioned was placed. This shield was valid only for 17 years, until 1991.