The Ruined Tower

There used to be three churches in Kisszentgrót, the civil town of Zalaszentgrót, which shows the importance of it.

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The Stone Bridge

One of the oldest stone bridge in Hungary was built in 1854. It has four apertures similarly to the one in the Hortobágy, and it has brick arches. It is 43m long and 6,5m wide.

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Historical Monument

The Historical Monument that stands in memory of the victims who died in the wars can be found in beautiful surroundings, near Castle Batthyány in its greenbelt.

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Castle Batthyány

The castle that stood in the place of Castle Batthyányi was mentioned first in a certificate from 1299. The boarder castle had to face serious attacks in the Turkish times and it is justified by the fact that it had to be fixed times in 80 years.

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