The Stone Bridge

One of the oldest stone bridge in Hungary was built in 1854. It has four apertures similarly to the one in the Hortobágy, and it has brick arches. It is 43m long and 6,5m wide.
In 1975 it was planned to closed down the bridge because the traffic was directed to the newly built asphalt bridge. The local patriots of the town evoked a real story from the war in order to protect the monument. It is known from the chronicle that the Soviet soldiers, who were the celebrated liberators, fought against the Germans the battle of occupying Zalaszentgrót by the bridge. The Soviets wanted to protect the bridge that was undermined by any means, therefore, Haddam Hatamov died there. The local patriots did know that if they would recall the story, they could manage to rescue the bridge. They were even able to justify their story by finding witnesses who were still alive. And it was like that, since there was great affection for this type of things during the communist times. Even the Soviet soldier s family was invited to the celebration, which was the christening ceremony of the bridge as well. From this time until the change of the regime the bridge was known as Hatamov Bridge. From the beginning of the 1990s its conditions started to get worse and worse in a rapid way, and it looked as if the state would not have anything to save. At last there have been some results of the refurbishing constructions that started in 2000 since it has been managed to rescue one of the symbols of Zalaszentgrót from complete destruction. It was figuratevly handed over to the pedestrians in 2001. Figuratevly, since it can be used for crossing the river only after the further part will be built from wood. This will connect the river bank in Aranyod with Zalaszentgrót, and it will function as not only a pedestrian bridge, but also as a cycling one.